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Commercial painters and decorators like the experts here at Halls Decorators can handle everything from redecorating an office block to refreshing the paintwork on a shop front.

In addition, investing in commercial painting and decorating services for your business can actually save you money in the long run. Having a shop front that looks old and faded, for example, could lead to potential customers walking away. A fresh coat of paint can revitalise your shop and bring more customers through your doors.
Here at Halls Decorators, we have successfully undertaken a wide range of commercial and industrial decorating projects over the last 35 years. These include working on warehouses, office complexes, factories, restaurants and bars.

Because we understand that time is money, we will always endeavour to work to tight deadlines. By doing this we can ensure there is minimal disruption to your business. Our team understands that it isn’t always possible to shut down your premises completely while the work is being undertaken, so we make every effort to work around your schedule.

Among our wide range of commercial and industrial painting services in Cleckheaton are:

• Warehouse Painting
• Fire Protection Painting
• Industrial Floor Painting
• Steel and Cladding Painting

So, if you are in need of high-quality Industrial and Commercial painting and decorating in Cleckheaton call our expert team on 0800 567 7959 today.

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    Commercial Painters & Decorators in Cleckheaton ​

    Here at Halls, we pride ourselves on delivering a complete range of commercial painting and decorating services in Cleckheaton and the surrounding areas. We have a team of seasoned professionals who can handle any size of painting and decorating project. The professional team here at Halls Decorators take great pride in the quality of the paints and finishes we provide for our clients.

    With decades of industry experience, our commercial painters guarantee to deliver high-quality results. Their commitment to excellence will ensure the quality of your paint job. We make sure your business premises look fantastic once we’re finished.

    With a keen eye for detail, our team of experienced professionals is committed to providing high-quality results. No matter if you need a fresh coat of paint, or a complete revamp, we’re here to help. Please contact us to discuss your particular project.


    Just some of the industrial and commercial properties that we have worked on include:

    Industrial Painting & Decorating in Cleckheaton

    Halls Decorating has provided high-quality industrial painting and decorating services in Cleckheaton for over 35 years. One of our latest projects was for Holroyds PTG group, where we completely repainted their premises.

    In addition to cleaning the cranes, the office space was completely redecorated to match the overall colour scheme of the building. While this was a challenging project, our team rose to the occasion and delivered a great outcome.

    Additionally, Leeds Bradford Airport has contracted us for several projects. We worked closely with the airport staff to ensure that the work was done as smoothly as possible.

    Industrial Paint Spraying in Cleckheaton

    Applied to large surfaces, like those in warehouses and factories, industrial paint spraying is a popular technique for painting bigger areas. Machines are typically used for this type of painting, making it faster and easier than traditional methods.

    In order to ensure an attractive, durable finish, Halls uses the most advanced airless spraying equipment. In comparison to traditional painting methods, this type of equipment is much faster and easier to use, and it is capable of reaching areas that are hard to paint with brushes or rollers.

    We provide industrial paint spraying services in Cleckheaton that include:

    • Floor Paint Spraying – extensively used on factory and warehouse floors and car parks
    • Paint Spraying – This is carried out using emulsion paint on walls and cladding
    • Steelwork Spraying – useful for painting steel cladding and fences
    • Woodwork – We can paint all different types of wood using our airless spraying equipment

    Industrial Paintwork in Cleckheaton

    You can count on Halls Decorators if you need an industrial painting and decorating company in Cleckheaton. With IPAF and CSCS certification, our team of experienced professionals are fully qualified to complete any job safely and to the highest possible standard.

    Among the jobs that would benefit from our Industrial Painting Services in Cleckheaton are:

    • Steelworks – we are able to paint any type of steelwork
    • Cladding – Irrespective of the specification we can deliver a high-quality service
    • Flooring – We can paint all manner of flooring to make your workplace a more practical and safer space.

    Commercial Decorators

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    Industrial Floor Painting in Cleckheaton ​

    Industrial Floor painting is often used to provide safety markings in warehouses and factories, or to provide your floor with a non-slip coating. Our team at Halls is also well versed in providing markings for public or private car parking facilities.

    For areas that must be chemically resistant and durable, our industrial floor paint is a great choice. The durability of this paint makes it ideal for industrial and commercial environments that experience above-average footfall.

    The Type of Industrial Floor Paints offered by our team include:

    • Anti-Slip Floor Paint- Safety can be improved and accidents can be prevented with anti-slip flooring. Additionally, it can prolong the life of your floor by protecting it from wear and tear. Anti-slip floors are also easier to clean than their non-slip counterparts.
    • Polyurethane Floor Coatings – As well as being extremely durable, polyurethane coatings are UV and chemical resistant. They are therefore suitable for environments in which other coatings would quickly deteriorate.
    • Decorative Finishes – With our collection of quality floor paints, you can achieve both a practical and aesthetically pleasing finish in your industrial space.
    • Epoxy Floor Coatings – Epoxy floor coatings are heavy-duty and low-maintenance and can support heavy loads.

    Commercial Painting & Wallpapering in Cleckheaton

    Often your commercial premises will be your first point of contact with customers, so it’s essential that they create the right impression. Fortunately, we offer commercial painting and decorating services to help you accomplish this. We can help you create an impressive and inviting workspace that will impress employees and clients alike.

    With over 35 years of experience in commercial painting and decorating, our fully qualified team has successfully completed projects for clients in numerous industries, such as healthcare, leisure, and education.

    Our wide range of commercial painting and decorating services in Cleckheaton include:

    Commercial Wallpaper Services – At Halls, our team of professional painters and decorators provide high-quality commercial specialist coatings services to extend the life of your business premises’ finish. 

    Commercial Painting Repairs – Here at Halls Decorators we provide comprehensive commercial painting repair services that include surface preparation before painting to ensure a perfect finish for surfaces such as masonry, plaster, and woodwork. To ensure that the finished product meets the highest standards, our painters will carry out any repairs needed before starting work.

    Commercial Specialist Coatings – At Halls, we deliver high-quality commercial specialist coatings services to prolong the life of the finish on your business premises.


    Professional Office Painting Services in Cleckheaton

    Our team is extremely flexible when it comes to ensuring clients achieve the look or style they want for their office space. Because of this, we tailor our approach to suit the individual needs of each and every client. Our team will be available to help you choose complementary colours as well as the right paint products for your project.

    Please get in touch if you would like to learn more about our comprehensive office painting services in Cleckheaton.


    Steel Painting Services in Cleckheaton

    We have over 35 years of experience in steel painting during which time we have completed projects for some of the largest companies in Cleckheaton. Creating the best possible outcome for our clients is our team’s goal, and we have the knowledge and expertise to do it right.


    Fire Protection Painting in Cleckheaton​

    Commercial and industrial buildings must meet fire regulations, and this is where fire protection painting comes in. By adding an extra layer of protection in case of fire, fire protection painting also helps protect your employees and customers.

    Fire coatings can be applied to a wide range of surfaces, including steel and timber. As a result, they are an ideal choice for commercial and industrial clients looking to protect their premises from fire. Our fire retardant materials are available in a range of degrees including 30,60,90 and 120.

    The following are some of the fire protection services we offer:

    • Passive Fire Protection – A key aspect of fire safety is passive fire protection (PFP). Buildings use it to prevent heat, smoke, and fire from spreading. Structures such as walls and floors, as well as openings such as doors and windows, can be protected by PFP.
    • Site Inspection – Our team will conduct a site inspection in order to assess the work that needs to be done and to make sure that the working environment is safe.
    • Spray Applied Coatings – The coatings applied by our airless spray equipment offer surfaces up to 120 minutes of protection.

    Factory & Warehouse Painting in Cleckheaton ​


    Our fully qualified industrial painters and decorators have extensive experience when it comes to painting factories and warehouses in Cleckheaton. To ensure that your project is completed on time and on budget, we will work closely with you.

    At Halls, we understand how important it is to minimise disruption, and as such we will work with you to schedule our work around your operation.

    Our factory and warehouse painting services in Cleckheaton include the following:

    • Spraying – Used to paint walls and ceilings quickly normally with emulsion paint
    • Steelwork – We can paint all types of paintwork using rollers and brushes
    • Floor Painting – We can provide paint coverings for all different types of floors
    • Exterior Painting – Our exterior painting can be used on shop fronts, factory cladding and fences along with any other type of exterior.

    Painting Services in Cleckheaton for Leisure Buildings


    Hotel Painting Services in Cleckheaton

    First impressions are everything in the hotel business. The first impression your guests get from your hotel can be shaped by a fresh coat of paint.

    The team here at Halls believe we should be your first port of call when it comes to hotel decorating in Cleckheaton for several reasons:

    First of all, we have extensive experience working on large commercial projects such as hotels. In addition, we offer a comprehensive service that begins with an initial consultation and design and ends with final decoration and finishing touches. Lastly, our competitive prices mean you will always get great value for money.

    Pub Painters & Decorators in Cleckheaton

    Pubs that look shabby or neglected are less likely to attract customers than those that look well-decorated and inviting.

    Working around busy schedules and potential disruptions are just some of the challenges that come with painting a pub.

     If you are looking for experienced commercial painters and decorators in Cleckheaton to remodel your pub, call our team today for an immediate response.

    Restaurant & Café Painting & Decorating in Cleckheaton

    Creating the right impression is key for any business, but this is especially true in the case of restaurants and cafes. When a potential customer walks in and doesn’t like what they see, they’re probably going to turn around and leave without even giving the food a chance.

    Our team of commercial painters and decorators has the experience and expertise to provide restaurants and cafés of all kinds with top-quality painting and decorating services in Cleckheaton.

    Sports Centre Painting in Cleckheaton

    What is expected from exercise spaces such as gyms and sports centres has changed dramatically over the years. No longer are people prepared to work out in drab and shabbily decorated areas. As the number of people using sports centres increases so do their expectations.

    The team here at Halls has a great deal of experience and expertise in painting and decorating commercial buildings, including sporting facilities. This type of project comes with many specific challenges, and we know how to meet your expectations and provide clients with a high-performance finish.

    Additionally, we understand the importance of your business continuing to operate normally, and as such we will take steps to ensure that our work causes minimal disruption to your business.

    Contact our team today if you are looking for a painting and decorating company that can be trusted to deliver a professional service for all manner of leisure facilities.

    Painting Services in Cleckheaton for Retail Properties


    Shopping Centres Painting & Decorating in Cleckheaton

    Shopping centres are always looking to create a unique and appealing space that will not only attract shoppers but also motivate them to return. The problem is that there is so much competition that standing out from the crowd can prove difficult.

    This is where the skills of our time-served painters and decorators come in. As a commercial painting and decorating company, we can provide a full range of services specifically tailored to your business needs.

    Each business is different and sometimes traditional office hours may not be convenient when it comes to carrying out decorative work. Consequently, we are willing to work flexibly around your schedule in order to cause the least disruption possible to your operation.

    Shop Painters & Decorators in Cleckheaton

    Here at Halls, we understand the difference a smart well-decorated shop front can make to any retail business. At Halls, we understand that first impressions count. To make sure that your business premises make the right impression on clients, customers, and employees, we offer an extensive range of commercial painting and decorating services in Cleckheaton.

    The painters and decorators in our team have years of experience transforming old and outdated interiors into stylish and modern spaces.

    Halls Decorators are experts when it comes to shop painting especially when that involves the movement and protection of valuable stock.  Our team can help you devise a comprehensive plan that ensures any stock is protected throughout the entirety of the redecoration.

    Private & Government Healthcare Painting & Decorating in Cleckheaton


    Hospital Painting & Decorating in Cleckheaton

    Patients, staff, and visitors will feel more comfortable in a hospital that is bright and welcoming.

    The team of commercial painters and decorators here at Halls is capable of completing any commercial or industrial painting and decorating project to a standard that is second to none.

    The company has successfully delivered projects at numerous hospitals across the country and works closely with hospital staff to ensure minimal disruption and the highest quality of work.

    GP’s & Doctors Surgeries Painting & Decorating in Cleckheaton

    Painting a surgery can make it feel more welcoming and inviting for patients. Patients benefit from a calm and relaxing atmosphere created by a fresh coat of paint at GPs’ and doctors’ surgeries.

    Our commercial decorating service can be undertaken outside of our normal operating hours. As a result, we can work around your practice’s schedule to minimise disruption.

    To maintain a fresh, welcoming environment, we recommend repainting every 3-5 years for GPs and doctors’ surgeries.

    Schools, Colleges, Nurseries and Universities Painting Services in Cleckheaton

    Our team at Halls is a professional painting and decorating company that fully understands the vital importance of providing a safe and secure environment for both students and staff. As a result, our employees who perform work on educational premises have been subjected to the necessary background checks via the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

    Over the last 35 years we have worked in a wide range of educational establishments, from small primary schools to large universities, and fully understand the requirements and needs of this type of work. We strive to cause minimal disruption to your daily operations, and our flexible working patterns can be adjusted to accommodate your schedule.

    We offer a wide array of painting and decorating services for Education sector clients, including:

    • Classroom painting and decoration
    • Windows, walls and ceilings
    • Stairs, corridors and hallways
    • Sports halls, changing rooms and toilets
    • Staff rooms, reception areas and offices
    • Car Park line marking, including spaces
    • School Entrances
    • Gates and Railways

    To get more information on our professional painting and decorating for schools in Cleckheaton call our team today.


    For Specialist Commercial Painters & Decorators in Cleckheaton​, Call Halls Today!

    Because of our experience, expertise, customer service and competitive pricing we believe we are the perfect choice for all your commercial and industrial painting requirements. 

    We work on a wide range of projects, big and small, and always work closely with the client to ensure that their specific needs are met. With a strong focus on customer service, we continually aim to go above and beyond our customers’ expectations.

    You can contact us directly by calling us on 0800 567 7959. Alternatively, please feel free to complete the online contact form and a member of our team will be in touch to assist you with your enquiry.

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