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Here at Halls Decorators we are proud to have been delivering a comprehensive commercial and industrial painting service in Morley for over 35 years. By employing top quality time served commercial painters in Morley and equipping them with the most up-to-date equipment we are able to undertake projects of any size. Our complete commercial and industrial painting solutions in Morley include everything from small office spaces to large industrial concerns such as factories and warehouses.

Over the last 35 years some of the most requested services have been

  • Warehouse Painting
  • Fire Protection Painting
  • Industrial Floor Painting
  • Steel and Cladding Painting

Here at Halls Decorators, our highly skilled industrial decorators can furnish the interior or exterior of your workplace with a smart hard-wearing finish. Our top quality services can be adapted to meet the exact needs of the individual client. Whether your warehouse floor needs refurbishing, or your external steelwork needs protecting against the elements, we can help. For more information on our complete range of industrial and commercial painting services contact us today.

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    Commercial Painters & Decorators in Morley

    If your commercial premises are in need of an update we are here for you. Our professional team are specialists in the field of commercial painting and decorating in Morley. We have experience of redecorating all manner of commercial properties including pubs and restaurants, small retail units and large office complexes.

    Irrespective of the size of your property we have the equipment and fully trained staff to complete the project quickly and efficiently.  By using the best quality paints and coverings we guarantee our customers a finish that is second to none. Since becoming established 35 years ago we have worked successfully on everything from large shopping malls to leisure centres and hospitals.


    Just some of the industrial and commercial properties that we have worked on include:

    Industrial Painting & Decorating in Morley

    Here at Halls Decorators, our team are specialists in the provision of industrial painting and decorating solutions in Morley. We have a wide range of industrial clients one of whom is Holroyds PTG Group. This project perfectly highlights the diversity of our services, as during this project we not only cleaned down the cranes but also undertook a complete redecoration of the office space to integrate it into the company colour scheme. Other industrial clients we have completed successful projects for include Halifax Thespians and Leeds Bradford Airport.

    Industrial Paint Spraying in Morley

    IOur industrial paint spraying service in Morley can be used on a wide range of surfaces in many industrial facilities. The fact we have access to our own airless spraying equipment allows us to provide a smart and practical finish to everything from factories to warehouses.

    Because of the nature of the working environment, surfaces are required to be not only clean but also extremely hard wearing. By using the most appropriate material for the surface we can guarantee you the perfect finish for your workspace. Some of the wide ranging industrial paint spraying services we offer include:

    • Floor paint spraying – For example, industrial and warehouse floors.
    • Paint spraying – By using emulsion paint on block walls and cladding.
    • Steelwork spraying – Any types of equipment of machinery that need painted.
    • Woodwork – Whatever type of wood that needs spraying, Halls are your point of call.

    Industrial Paintwork in Morley

    Here at Halls accreditations such as CSCS and IPAF demonstrate the fact that we can undertake projects in all different types of industrial premises. This means you can rest safe in the knowledge your project will be completed not only safely, but also to a high standard. Some of the different surfaces our industrial painters in Morley are able to work on include:

    • Steelworks – We can polish your steelwork and paint any steel required.
    • Cladding – Whatever your specification, we can give you the best service.
    • Flooring – Consisting of health and safety products and highly sustainable flooring.

    Commercial Decorators

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    Decorators Morley
    Decorators Morley
    Decorating Services in Morley
    Decorating Services in Morley
    Decorating Services Morley

    Industrial Floor Painting in Morley

    There are a number of reasons why an industrial property would need its floor painting. It could be to provide it with an anti-slip covering or to highlight a walkway. Health and safety is an important part of any industrial workspace, and as such hazard warning signs must be clear and concise.

    Our industrial floor painting in Morley offers clients a number of different options which include:

    • Anti-slip floors  In need of a safety first solution? If so our floor painting can provide a surface that will help avoid accidents you may be liable for, such as slips and falls.
    • Polyurethane floor coatings – We are able to create a coating for your floor that is both flexible and resistant to chemical reactions and UV.
    • Decorative finishes – Our range of quality floor paints are designed to give your industrial space a finish that is both practical and easy on the eye.
    • Epoxy floor coatings
    • Our epoxy floor coatings are able to withstand heavy loads and provide you with a low maintenance sustainable finish.

    Commercial Painting & Decorating in Morley

    The majority of commercial clients already have a good idea of the style they want for their property. The role our experienced commercial decorators in Morley play is that they bring the customers visions to life. Whether you are looking for a simple touch up of your existing décor, or a complete redecoration on a different theme we can help. Our professional team have successfully undertaken projects on properties from all parts of the commercial sector including leisure, education and health and retail.

    Our commercial painting and decorating services in Morley include but are not limited to:

    Commercial Wallpaper Services – This type of service consists of wall lining, wallpaper removal, installation and treatments.

    Commercial Painting Repairs – Commercial painting repairs include pre-painting preparation surface work, allowing us to deliver the perfect finish to masonry, plaster and wood work.

     Commercial Specialist Coatings –This is aimed at extending the life of your finish, meaning you are not having to constantly update it. If you are looking for a unique and long lasting coating for any type of surface we can help.


    Professional Office Painting Services in Morley

    Here at Halls Decorators we pride ourselves on delivering a wide range of professional office painting solutions in Morley. If left unattended office décor has a tendency to begin to look drab and unappealing. Employees and customers alike will benefit from the positivity of a smart and attractive workplace. Therefore, it is important to present your workplace as a bright, clean, and well-organised space.

    Irrespective of the look you are trying to achieve for your office, our professional commercial painters in Morley can help. We are able to advise on not only colour schemes but also the most appropriate type of paint for your project. To get all the information about our office painting in Morley get in touch today.


    Steel Painting Services in Morley

    If you are in need of professional industrial or commercial steel painting in Morley we can help. Here at Halls our team makes use of the best paints, materials and equipment available to deliver the finish you deserve for your steelwork. We understand that customers would prefer not to be re-painting steelwork every few months and as a result we aim to provide you with a finish that is not only clean and smart but also hard wearing.


    Fire Protection Painting in Morley

    It is vital that any industrial or commercial workspace conforms to health and safety requirements. Here at Halls commercial and industrial painting contractors we have access to a wide range of specialist fire retardant coatings that protect your premises against fire. These fire retardant paints can be used on a number of different surfaces including steel and timber. Our fire retardant materials are effective at a wide range of degrees which include 30,60,90 and 120.

    Some of the fire protection services we deliver include:


    • Passive fire protection – Which is integral component of fire safety.
    • Site inspection – Completing professional checks to make sure the place of work is safe and suitable.
    • Spray applied coatings – Applied by a brush, roller of spray and up to 120 minutes protection can be achieved from applying this paint system.

    Factory & Warehouse Painting in Morley

    Here at Halls Decorators we pride ourselves on specialising in factory and warehouse painting in Morley. Our professional team employs flexible working solutions which allow us to successfully complete projects with minimal disruption to your workspace. Our flexible working patterns allow us to work at both nights and weekends which ensures your project can be completed both in the allotted time and safely.

    Our wide range of services can be adapted to the specific requirements of your business and include but are not limited to:


    • Spraying – Painting on walls and ceilings, normally in emulsion paint.
    • Steelwork – Painting steelwork products using rollers or brushes.
    • Floor painting – Painting of new floors or existing ones.
    • Exterior Painting – Depending on client requirements, using cladding paint or eggshells.

    Painting Services in Morley for Leisure Buildings

    Hotel Painting Services in Morley

    Here at Halls we are able to provide a complete range of hotel painting services in Morley. An important part of the hospitality industry is ensuring you secure repeat business. A good way of doing this is by providing visitors with a clean, attractive and welcoming space for their stay. This along with good customer service will help you achieve positive reviews both online and by word of mouth. A positive review not only helps you retain existing clients, but also attract new visitors to your hotel. Employing the services of our professional hotel painter and decorators in Morley will give your establishment a finish that puts it ahead of the competition.

    Pub Painters & Decorators in Morley

    Are you looking to give your pub a whole new look or just refresh the existing décor? If so our professional pub decorators in Morley have the answer. Over the last 35 years our team have successfully revitalised numerous public houses in Morley and surrounding areas. Any establishment serving food and drink has a duty to provide customers with a clean and hygienic environment. A pub that looks dated and shabby is unlikely to be appealing to customers and as such business will undoubtedly suffer. By providing a well decorated, clean and welcoming space there is a good chance you will attract more patrons meaning business will flourish. To get the details on how our pub decorators in Morley can help you increase business speak to our friendly team today.

    Restaurant & Café Painting & Decorating in Morley

    For over 30 years, Halls Decorators have been successfully providing restaurant and cafe painting and decorating in Morley. Cafes and restaurants require regular maintenance due to the very nature of their business. Before starting to paint, we are often required to thoroughly clean walls and ceilings that have become contaminated with grease.

    In the hospitality industry, you must maintain cleanliness regularly in order to obtain a food safety certificate. Having a fresh clean interior goes a long way to helping a restaurant or café maintain their hygiene rating, which in turn helps attract custom.

    Sports Centre Painting in Morley

    Here at Halls Decorators, we are able to deliver painting and decorating services for all manner of sports facilities in Morley. With an increase in the number of people attending leisure centres and gyms expectations have risen. People are no longer keen to work out in dingy unlit spaces and see a clean attractive space to be a minimal requirement for any leisure facility. Our experienced team have the knowledge and skillset to ensure your facility is given a clean, smart and attractive finish allowing your customers to exercise in style. Along with sports centres we are also able to adapt our services to any type of sporting facility. To get more information on our leisure centre painting in Morley contact us today.

    Painting Services in Morley for Retail Properties


    Shopping Centres Painting & Decorating in Morley

    Our experienced commercial painters and decorators in Morley have the capability to undertake any size of project. This includes to providing a full range of painting and decorating services for large shopping centres and malls. Quite often we will undertake this type of work outside what are considered normal working hours to help avoid a negative impact on trade for shop holders.

    Undertaking a project like a painting a shopping centre requires thorough research and advance planning. Here at Halls we will complete a thorough schedule of works prior to the commencement of any work. This ensures we can stick to both the timescale and budget outlined in your original brief.

    Shop Painters & Decorating in Morley

    Over the past 35 years our professional team have successfully painted and redecorated all manner of retail outlets in Morley. Retailers often have a habit of delaying painting their premises due to the inconvenience of having to relocate stock for the duration of the project. Here at Halls we can remove that stress by dealing with all those issues for you, giving you peace of mind that your stock will be unaffected by the work. Our team is familiar with the need to work to the exact specifications of the client, and by doing this we can guarantee to give your shop the finish you envisaged.  

    Private & Government Healthcare Painting & Decorating in Morley


    Hospital Painting & Decorating in Morley

    When painting and decorating a hospital it is important it is done in a way that does not negatively impact patient care. Here at Halls we can provide affordable, professional, and discreet hospital painting and decorating services in Morley because we have the staff, resources, and time to handle such a task. The provision of a clean, attractive and correctly marked environment by our team can only help improve the patient experience.

    GP’s & Doctors Surgeries Painting & Decorating in Morley

    Here at Halls we are proud to be able to provide a comprehensive painting and decorating service for doctors surgeries in Morley. Over recent years there has been a drive to encourage healthy living, and as such it is imperative that properties in the healthcare sector are clean and welcoming. By employing the services of our professional decorating contractors in Morley, you can ensure your premises has a fresh clean interior. To find out about our doctors surgery painting services in Morley call our expert team today.

    Schools, Colleges, Nurseries and Universities Painting Services in Morley

    There is a requirement by law for anyone who is working in any kind of educational establishment to have the relevant documentation. Here at Halls all our team have undergone the DBS checks required to allow them to work safely on any educational premises. We pride ourselves on providing schools, nurseries and universities with attractive learning spaces by using appropriate colour schemes and décor. By using the wide ranging skills they possess our experienced commercial painters and decorators can successfully complete work in any area of your school or college. Irrespective of whether you are looking to update classrooms, dining areas, gymnasiums or staff rooms we are here for you.

    Some of the different painting and decorating services for schools in Morley we provide include:


    •         Classroom painting and decoration
    •         Windows, walls and ceilings
    •         Stairs, corridors and hallways
    •         Sports halls, changing rooms and toilets
    •         Staff rooms, reception areas and offices
    •         Car Park line marking, including spaces
    •         School Entrances
    •         Gates and Railways

    To find out more about our professional painting and decorating for schools in Morley get in touch today.


    For Specialist Commercial Painters & Decorators in Morley, Call Halls Today!

    There are many reasons why employing the services of commercial and industrial decorators in Morley is beneficial to your business. Our experienced commercial painters in Morley are able to transform the look of any industrial or commercial space. All work will be carried out on time in budget in line with your exact specifications. So, if your commercial or industrial workspace is in need of a facelift we are here for you.

    You can contact us directly by calling us on 0800 567 7959. Alternatively, please feel free to complete the online contact form and a member of our team will be in touch to assist you with your enquiry.

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