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The team here at Halls Decorators take great satisfaction in being recognised as the top industrial painting and decorating specialists in Ossett. Our skilled staff can provide clients in the commercial and industrial sectors with a complete range of painting and decorating services in Ossett. Over the past 35 years, a wide variety of projects have been successfully completed by our commercial and industrial painters in Ossett. The following are a few of the commercial and industrial painting and decorating services that are in high demand among our extensive client base:

Regardless of the scope of your decoration or painting project, our time served commercial and industrial decorators have the experience and skillset to handle it. We adhere to a precise timetable while planning any task in order to finish it on schedule, within budget, and to the finest standard possible. This enables us to provide outstanding service without disrupting every day working practices.

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    Commercial Painters and Decorators in Ossett

    We would always advise using the services of expert commercial painters and decorators in Ossett if your office or shop has to be updated. To ensure that you get the finish you want, our skilled team of commercial painters only ever uses the highest-quality paints and equipment. We are available to you whether you want to redesign the interior of your restaurant or acquire a brand-new exterior for your bar. Since our company’s founding 35 years ago, our commercial decorators have successfully finished work on a wide variety of commercial and industrial premises.

    Just some of the industrial and commercial properties that we have worked on include:

    Industrial Painting and Decorating in Ossett

    At Halls, we take great pleasure in being experts when it comes to delivering high quality industrial painting and decorating services in Ossett. Holroyds PTG company is one of the industrial clients for whom we have successfully finished projects. This is an ideal case study because it shows the range of tasks we are capable of undertaking. In order to incorporate it into a larger colour scheme, the office area was completely redecorated after the cranes were thoroughly cleaned throughout the renovation. Halifax Thespians and Leeds Bradford Airport are two additional industrial clients with whom we have completed successful projects in recent times.

    Industrial Paint Spraying in Ossett

    Any form of industrial facility, from factories to warehouses, can benefit from industrial paint spraying in Ossett. Our knowledgeable and skilled paint specialists at Halls have access to our own airless spraying equipment, which ensures a stylish and useful finish. Because of the nature of the work being carried out Industrial workplace surfaces need to be both durable and spotlessly clean. We can give them a surface that is perfect for any situation by using  materials specifically designed for the task. We provide a variety of industrial paint spraying services in Ossett, such as:

    • Floor paint spraying – For example, industrial and warehouse floors.
    • Paint spraying – By using emulsion paint on block walls and cladding.
    • Steelwork spraying – Any types of equipment of machinery that need painted.
    • Woodwork – Whatever type of wood that needs spraying, Halls are your point of call.

    Industrial Paintwork in Ossett

    Halls has all the certifications necessary to show that we can work safely in any industrial environment, including IPAF and CSCS. This means that, whatever kind of work you need done, we can do it safely and to an extremely high standard. Jobs that call for particular industrial paints include the following:

    • Steelworks – We can polish your steelwork and paint any steel required.
    • Cladding – Whatever your specification, we can give you the best service.
    • Flooring – Consisting of health and safety products and highly sustainable flooring.
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    Industrial Floor Painting in Ossett

    To meet health and safety requirements, distinct zones can be highlighted using industrial floor painting. Industrial floor painting is also a good choice if you need specialised markings or aesthetically pleasing designs in commercial and industrial buildings. This service is perfect if you need to mark new lines in your car park or to emphasise walkways. Some of the different floor coverings we can provide include:

    • Anti-Slip Coverings – Do you require a safety-first option? If so, our floor painting can offer a surface that will help prevent mishaps, such slips and falls, for which you might be held responsible.
    • Polyurethane Floor Coatings- Your floor can have a coating that is flexible and immune to UV rays and chemical reactions.
    • Decorative Finishes – Our selection of high-quality floor paints is created to offer your industrial space a surface that is functional and appealing.
    • Epoxy Floor Coatings – Our epoxy floor coatings can endure severe weights and give you a long-lasting, low-maintenance surface.

    Commercial Painting and Decorating in Ossett

    It’s a significant decision to remodel your office or any other commercial space. When you make the decision you probably already know what you want. You can share your ideas with our team to make sure you get the finished product you want. Any task, from a quick clean-up to a full redecoration, is something our team is prepared to assist you with. Over the past 35 years, we have completed projects in the retail, hotel, health, and education sectors, showcasing our versatility. Some of the commercial painting and decorating services we offer to our diverse clientele include the following:

    • Commercial Wallpaper Services – This type of service consists of wall lining, wallpaper removal, installation and treatments
    • Commercial Painting Repairs – Commercial painting repairs include pre-painting preparation surface work, allowing us to deliver the perfect finish to masonry, plaster and wood work.
    • Commercial Specialist Coatings –This is aimed at extending the life of your finish, meaning you are not having to constantly update it. If you are looking for a unique and long lasting coating for any type of surface we can help.


    Professional Office Painting in Ossett

    The team at Halls Decorators are pleased to provide top-notch, dependable office painting services in Ossett. Office environments have a tendency to look drab, gloomy, and rundown when neglected. A well-designed and appealing office setting can benefit both employees and clients. As a result, it’s crucial to make sure that your office is a tidy, well-lit area. Our expert decorators in Ossett can make suggestions if you’re trying to achieve a specific appearance or feel for your company. They will offer suggestions for paint colours and the most suitable paint  for the finish you want to achieve. Please get in contact right now to learn more about our extensive office painting services in Ossett.

    Steel Painting Services in Ossett

    We can help you if you need industrial or commercial steel painting in Ossett. We take great pride in offering the best service possible here at Halls. This is accomplished by employing top-notch paints, supplies, and tools to give your steelwork a professional, long-lasting finish.

    Fire Protection Painting in Ossett

    It is necessary to follow health and safety legislation in any industrial or commercial setting. We have a variety of specialised fire retardant coatings at Halls Commercial and Industrial Decorating Contractors to make sure your property is safeguarded against the threat of fire. Steel and wood are only a couple of the surfaces that our fire coatings are appropriate for. We are able to provide fire retardant materials at temperatures of 30, 60, 90, and 120 degrees. Among the fire protection services we provide are the following:

    • Passive fire protection – Which is integral component of fire safety.
    • Site inspection – We can carry out site checks to make sure the place of work is safe and suitable.
    • Spray applied coatings – Applied by a brush, roller or spray our specialist fire retardant coverings offer up to 120 minutes protection.

    Factory and Warehouse Painting in Ossett

    At Halls in Ossett, we specialise in painting factories and warehouses. Due to our adaptable work schedules, we can complete projects without interfering with your regular business operations. This is accomplished by finishing tasks outside of what are thought of as typical working hours. To guarantee that your workers can continue to function properly and safely throughout any project, our team is available to work nights and weekends. The kind of work that we can do for you will depend on the particular needs of your company. We take pride in offering the following services at Halls:

    • Spraying – Painting on walls and ceilings, normally in emulsion paint.
    • Steelwork – Painting steelwork products using rollers or brushes.
    • Floor Painting – Painting of new floors or existing ones.
    • Exterior Painting– Depending on client requirements, using cladding paint or eggshells.

    Commercial Painting Services in Ossett for Leisure Buildings

    Hotel Painting Services in Ossett

    Our skilled hotel painting service in Ossett is something we take great pride in at Halls. Our team’s goal is to leave visitors with a positive impression of your business so that you will receive repeat business. Positive word-of-mouth and internet reviews are essential components of any business, particularly in the hotel sector. Making sure your hotel is spotless and well-maintained on the inside and out can have a big impact on your bottom line. You can be confident that the finish we’ll provide for your property will be one that precisely matches your expectations when using the services of our expert hotel painters in Ossett.

    Pub Painters and Decorators in Ossett

    Do you want to renovate your bar? Then we can assist. Over the years, our experienced Ossett commercial painters and decorators have successfully painted and redecorated a number of pubs. An place where food and drink are served must be spotless and well-maintained. If your pub appears outdated and untidy, potential customers may be turned off. If you offer them a tidy, appealing, and friendly space, it will be simpler to draw in new customers. One way to achieve this is to hire our talented team to paint and decorate your pub expertly. Call us right away to see how our pub painters in Ossett may benefit your company.

    Restaurant and Café Painting and Decorating in Ossett

    Here at Halls Decorators our specialist team have been painting and decorating cafés and restaurants in Ossett for more than 30 years. The decor of cafés and restaurants frequently needs regular upkeep because of the nature of their business. Before beginning to paint, we have frequently been forced to remove significant amounts of grease that had tainted the walls and ceilings. In the hospitality business, cleanliness is particularly crucial because you must pass frequent inspections to receive a food hygiene certificate. Maintaining a restaurant or café’s hygiene grade is greatly aided by having a spotlessly clean interior. Customers in restaurants and cafes naturally expect them to be spotless and well designed.

    Sports Centre Painting in Ossett

    For any sports Centre, the expert team here at Halls Decorators are able to offer a thorough painting and decorating service. Any recreational facility that offers a spotlessly organised area for individuals to exercise is likely to thrive. Our qualified painters are completely aware of what a sports centre needs in terms of painting and decorating. Nevertheless, we are always delighted to modify our services to satisfy any unique requirements you may have. Find out how we can assist with your project by getting in touch with our commercial painters and decorators in Ossett.

    Painting and Decorating in Ossett for Retail Properties

    Shopping Centres Painting and Decorating in Ossett

    Any size project in Ossett can be taken on by our team of expertly experienced commercial painters and decorators. Large shopping centres requiring redecoration fall under this category. Commercial painters and decorators in Ossett frequently work after regular business hours to paint shopping centres. By doing this, they can prevent disturbing the footfall for retail stores based in there. Painting a significant structure like a shopping centre requires meticulous planning. At Halls, we take the time to carefully investigate your requirements and create an extensive Schedule of works. This, along with our ability and knowledge, enables us to finish any job on schedule, under budget, and to the highest standard.

    Shop Painting and Decorating in Ossett

    Our skilled team has years of expertise painting and decorating stores in Ossett. A shopkeeper may frequently put off painting and redesigning a store because doing so necessitates removing and storing existing stock. At Halls, we have a proven track record of successfully painting or decorating retail spaces in accordance with the proprietor’s exact requirements. By handling it for you, we can relieve any tension related to protecting your stock. This enables you to continue feeling secure in the knowledge that both your inventory and the appearance of your store will be updated and polished.

    Private and Government Healthcare Painting and Decorating in Ossett

    Hospital Painting and Decorating in Ossett

    When redecorating any area of a hospital it is important to do it in a way that doesn’t compromise patient care. At Halls we have the personnel, equipment, and experience necessary to offer  hospitals professional, competitively priced, and discreet painting and decorating services. Our staff can help you improve the patient experience by giving hospitals a neat, friendly, and properly marked environment.

    GP’s and Doctors Surgeries Painting and Decorating in Ossett

    When it comes to Doctors Surgeries, our professionals provide a full range of painting and decorating services. We are aware of the importance put on leading a healthy lifestyle and the consequent requirement for pristine and welcoming buildings in the healthcare industry. By providing clean and attractive interiors, our skilled painting and decorating services may aid in the promotion of this philosophy. Contact us right away to learn more about our painting and decorating services for doctors surgeries in Ossett.

    Schools Colleges and Universities Painting Services in Ossett

    Legislation dictates that anyone working in educational institutions is now required to have gone through a vetting process. At Halls decorators, every one of our skilled team has undergone a thorough DBS check, ensuring that your school will remain a secure location during any redecoration. We use a variety of colour schemes and high-quality materials to create beautiful learning environments in schools, nurseries, and other educational establishments. Our commercial painters and decorators can work on projects in any area of a school or college thanks to their diverse skill sets. Therefore, we are available to you if you need work done on the parking lot, restrooms, or classrooms. Our wide-ranging painting and decorating services for schools include: Classroom painting and decoration

    •         Windows, walls and ceilings
    •         Stairs, corridors and hallways
    •         Sports halls, changing rooms and toilets
    •         Staff rooms, reception areas and offices
    •         Car Park line marking, including spaces
    •         School Entrances
    •         Gates and Railways

    To get all the details of  our competitively priced painting and decorating for schools in Ossett contact us today.

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    For a variety of tasks, Halls in Ossett can offer fully qualified commercial and industrial painters and decorators. Our team of professional painters and decorators in Ossett is knowledgeable, talented, and has access to cutting-edge tools and supplies. This makes it possible for them to complete any redecoration project fast and effectively. Therefore, if you require skilled industrial or commercial painting and decorating at a fair price, we can help. You can contact us directly by calling us on 0800 567 7959. Alternatively, please feel free to complete the online contact form and a member of our team will be in touch to assist you with your enquiry.  

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