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Painting & decorating contractors in Sheffield

With over 35 years of experience in painting and decorating, Halls decorators are known to offer the best service in Sheffield for industrial and commercial clients. Here at Halls, we specialise in a variety of different types of painting and sectors. Just a few of the most common services we offer are: factory and warehouse painting, fire protection painting and industrial floor painting.

Factory & warehouse painting in Sheffield

Here at Halls, factory and warehouse painting is a service we pride ourselves on. With the use of flexible hours and working to your needs and requirements, we help business’ that want painting and decorating on industrial units, factories, offices and property management companies. Furthermore, we also work on end of tenancy contract painting.

The type of work that we can provide for you varies and depends on what you need for your business. We take pride in providing the following services:

  • Spraying- painting on walls and ceilings, normally in emulsion paint.
  • Steelwork – painting steelwork products using rollers or brushes.
  • Floor Painting- painting of new floors or existing ones.

Exterior painting- depending on client requirements, using cladding paint or eggshells.

Industrial paint spraying in Sheffield

This type of service we provide is for any commercial facility that needs to be decorated and painted. This could be for you if you have a warehouse, distribution centre or unit that needs industrial painting.  At Halls, we are an internal paint specialist and have our own airless spraying equipment to do the best possible job to bring your business to life.  Here are the types of services we can provide to do that:

  • Floor paint spraying – for example industrial and warehouse floors.
  • Paint spraying – by using emulsion paint on block walls and cladding.
  • Steelwork spraying – any types of equipment of machinery that need painted.
  • Woodwork – whatever type of wood that needs spraying, Halls are your point of call.

Industrial floor painting in Sheffield

Industrial floor painting is mainly used and known for separating different areas in order to meet healthy and safety standards. Secondly, it can also be used on commercial and industrial buildings for specific markers and a design that meets the eye, aesthetically. This service may be for you if you are looking for work on car parks, pedestrian walkways or office blocks. Furthermore, industrial floor painting is great for areas requiring high chemical resistance.

The types of services we can provide are:

  • Anti-slip floors – looking for safety first? This could be great for you. Our floor painting can help you avoid any accidents on your property that you would otherwise be liable for.
  • Polyurethane floor coatings – We will create a floor coating that is not only flexible but will also resist chemical reactions and UV.
  • Decorative finishes – With our high-quality standards, we will give your commercial or industrial a fantastic finishing touch with our different range of floor paint.
  • Epoxy floor coatings – We can provide you sustainable flooring that will withstand heavy loads and will create high performance.

Industrial paintwork in Sheffield

Are you looking to upgrade your existing industrial building? We can help you with that, providing decorating packages for buildings such as prisons, airports and factories. Here at Halls, we have all safety requirements met with certificates gained such as IPAF and CSCS, meaning that no matter the job you can trust us to provide safety and a high-quality service. Here are the types of jobs that industrial paintwork consists of:

  • Steelworks – we can polish your steelwork and paint any steel required.
  • Cladding – whatever your specification, we can give you the best service.
  • Flooring – consisting of health and safety products and highly sustainable flooring.

Fire protection painting in Sheffield

Are you looking to meet healthy and safety & legal requirements? Halls are proud to deliver life-changing solutions and provide the latest versions of protections coatings for your property. Our fire coatings can be painted on to a number of surfaces such as steel structures and timber surfaces. The degrees of protection on offer are 30, 60, 90 and 120. Whether you have exposed steel beams or need to achieve the expected fire rating.

Here are some of the services we can offer in fire protection:

  • Passive fire protection – integral component of fire safety.
  • Site inspection – doing professional checks to make sure the place of work is safe and suitable.
  • Spray applied coatings – applied by a brush, roller of spray and up to 120 minutes protection can be achieved from applying this paint system.

Commercial painting & decoratingd

For our commercial clients, our main goal is to help bring you goal and vision to life. Whether you need a few repairs or a overhaul starting from square one, we can help you do whatever your needs require. We specialise in a diverse range of sectors such as: education, health, offices and leisure.

The services we offer in commercial painting and decorating are:

  • Commercial wallpaper services – This type of service consists of wall lining, wallpaper removal, installation and treatments.
  • Commercial painting repairs – this type of work consists of extensive pre-painting surface work to allow the perfect finish and operating in masonry, plasterwork and joinery.
  • Specialist Coatings – focuses on extending the life of your projects and buildings. Each industry deserves a specialist coating. Need a unique and individual service? We’re here for you.

Industrial painting & decorating

Here at Halls, we specialise in industrial painting and decorating. One of the industrial companies we have worked with and seen success with are Holroyds PTG Group. This is a great case study with the diverse work that was completed on this project. The cranes were cleaned down, offices painted and colour co-ordinated painting was undertaken to integrate with a theme. Other industrial companies worked with in recent times are: Halifax Thespians and Leeds airport.

Steel painting services in Sheffield

Whether you require industrial or commercial steel painting services, Halls can provide you with the best possible service. We can provide you with painting all your steelwork in your buildings and spraying your assets, to give them that glowing and professional finish. The main products we use to get the job done efficiently and in a quality way are by using eggshells, undercoat or gloss. This is done via brushes or a rollers.

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