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A chapel can be an extremely important aspect of any property. Whether this space is part of a school, hospital, prison or even a private residence, you need to make sure it is a warm and welcoming atmosphere for prayer, contemplation and more. Our team of chapels painters and decorators can help to rejuvenate your place of worship and ensure it is a welcoming, pleasant space which will not distract from prayer and contemplation.

Each space brings its own unique challenges to any kind of painting and decorating work, and chapels are no different. Our team have extensive experience in updating and repairing places of worship for all kinds of faiths, including Christianity, Judaism and Islam. It is essential that, when looking for a team to repair or redecorate your chapel, you choose a team who understand the sanctity of the area they are working on.

Here at Halls Decorators, we are dedicated to restoring all kinds of places of worship to allow for comfortable prayer and more. We undertake all our holy place painting and decorating projects with the utmost care. You don’t need to be worried about our team treating the area with anything less than the respect it deserves.


Professional Chapel Painters and Decorators


No matter what kind of issues your chapel is suffering from, our dedicated team of painters and decorators are here for you. Our specialised service ensures that we can tackle any issues you might be dealing with in record time, including flaking paint, graffiti and more. We can work with you to restore your place of worship to its former glory. So, whether you’re looking to restore your chapel’s interior or completely redecorate it to create a more inviting space, our team are here for you.

Our knowledge and experience, in addition to our industry-leading practices, means that we can tackle any painting and decorating projects of any size. Our hard-wearing coatings will ensure that the property’s interior design can survive many years before requiring any additional work.

Our team of chapels painters and decorators have worked on all kinds of properties over the years, including:

  • Prisons, Jails and Corrective Facilities – Giving prisoners and those who have lost their way a place to worship and contemplate is essential. Our professional team can quickly and easily restore or decorate a chapel in corrective facilities to ensure that the prisoners and employees have somewhere to worship on-premises.
  • Schools, Colleges and Universities – Having a chapel in any kind of educational facility is still important. It is harder than ever for children, students and even adults to keep hold of their faith. Having a comfortable, welcoming and calming chapel on-site is extremely convenient for those who require it.
  • Hospitals – Hospitals and NHS facilities are spaces where people often need comfort. By offering a welcoming chapel to patients, relatives and employees, you can give people the contemplative space they need to deal with whatever life throws at them.
  • Private Residences – If you are lucky enough to have a chapel on your private residence, then we can ensure that it meets your design specifications exactly. Flaking paint or other marks in your space can really distract from prayer and contemplation – thanks to our team of painting and decorating specialists, you can continue to enjoy your private space in peace.

In addition to our wide range of location-based services, we can also provide specialised feature painting and decorating. If your chapel has any kind of stunning feature, then our team can work with you to repaint the surface, or ensure that it is completely avoided during the project work. For example, if you are lucky enough to have a stained-glass window in your chapel, then we will guarantee that it comes to no damage and is left as clean as it was when we arrived.


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Here at Halls Decorators, our professional team have worked on all kinds of projects across Greater Manchester and Yorkshire. We are dedicated to delivering an unparalleled service to each and every one of our clients. In the past, we have worked on decorating and painting a full range of religious spaces, from small, personal chapels to cathedrals, synagogues and local parish churches.

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    Chapels Painters and Decorators
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    Chapels Decorating Services
    Chapels Decorating Services
    Chapels Decorating Services

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