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For over 35 years now the team at Halls have been providing quality industrial and commercial painting services in Otley. Whatever type of industrial painting in Otley you are looking for we are here for you. With experience in painting all manner of industrial properties from small units to large distribution centres, our team deliver a quality finish at an affordable price. Some of the specialist services offered by our professional industrial painters in Otley include Fire protection painting, industrial floor painting and steelwork painting.

Irrespective of the size of your project we are here for you. All our team are fully trained and equipped with industry-leading tools and materials guaranteeing our clients receive a finish of the highest standard. Here at Halls, we understand that any type of renovation project can disrupt a business. However, by thoroughly researching and planning each project we can ensure jobs are completed on time, within budget and with minimal disruption to everyday operations.

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    Commercial Painters and Decorators in Otley

    The importance of keeping any commercial or industrial space well maintained should not be overestimated. One way to do this is to employ the services of professional commercial painters and decorators in Otley. By using the most appropriate and effective paints and coverings our team can meet the requirements of any commercial concern.

    Over our 35 years in business as commercial and industrial painters and decorators in Otley we have completed projects on a wide range of properties which include but is not limited to:

    Just some of the industrial and commercial properties that we have worked on include:

    Industrial Painting and Decorating in Otley

    Here at Halls Decorators we are specialists in the painting and decorating of industrial spaces. This includes projects such as the painting of warehouse and factory floors, steelwork and cladding and the updating of health and safety markings. Among some of the many clients, we have completed projects for are Holroyds PTG group, Halifax Thespians and Leeds Bradford Airport.

    Industrial Paint Spraying in Otley

    Our industrial paint spraying in Otley is available to any commercial space that requires a new fresh look. Here at Halls, we are proud of our reputation as an industry leader in internal painting and decoration. To ensure you of a top-class finish we use our own airless spraying equipment. The paint spraying services available to you include:

    • Floor paint spraying – For example, industrial and warehouse floors.
    • Paint spraying – By using emulsion paint on block walls and cladding.
    • Steelwork spraying – Any types of equipment of machinery that need painted.
    • Woodwork – Whatever type of wood that needs spraying, Halls are your point of call.

    Industrial Paintwork in Otley

    Here at Halls, we pride ourselves on being able to complete projects safely by working within our client’s health and safety guidelines. We have all relevant health and safety certifications including IPAF and CSCS. The different types of surface we can refinish include but are not limited to:

    • Steelworks – We can polish your steelwork and paint any steel required.
    • Cladding – Whatever your specification, we can give you the best service.
    • Flooring – Consisting of health and safety products and highly sustainable flooring.

    Commercial Decorators

    Painters in Otley
    Decorators Otley
    Industrial & Commercial Painters in Otley
    Decorators Otley
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    Decorating Services in Otley
    Decorating Services Otley

    Industrial Floor Painting in Otley

    The main purpose of industrial floor painting in Otley is to provide a safe surface for employees to move around on. By providing a non-slip surface with clear hazard and safety markings our professional industrial painters can help your workplace become a safer environment. Our floor painting services are also ideal for use on pedestrian walkways, car parks and in office complexes. Industrial floor painting is also effective for areas that need a high resistance to chemicals.

    The Types of Services we can Deliver include::

    • Anti-slip floors – Looking for safety first? This could be great for you. Our floor painting can help you avoid any accidents on your property that you would otherwise be liable for.
    • Polyurethane floor coatings – We will create a floor coating that is not only flexible but will also resist chemical reactions and UV.
    • Decorative finishes –With our high-quality standards, we will give your commercial or industrial a fantastic finishing touch with our different range of floor paint.
    • Epoxy floor coatings –We can provide you sustainable flooring that will withstand heavy loads and will create high performance.

    Commercial Painting and Decorating in Otley

    When we work for commercial clients our main aim is to bring the vision they have for their space to life. Whether you are looking for a basic paint job or a complete overhaul we are here for you. Our commercial painting services in Otley cover a wide range of sectors including, Education, healthcare, Administration, Public Services and Leisure. The types of services available to our commercial customers include:

    Commercial Wallpaper Services – This type of service consists of wall lining, wallpaper removal, installation and treatments.

    Commercial Painting Repairs – This type of work consists of extensive pre-painting surface work to allow the perfect finish and operating in masonry, plaster work and joinery.

    Commercial Specialist Coatings – This type of work focuses on extending the life of your projects and buildings. Each industry deserves a specialist coating. Need a unique and individual service? We’re here for you.


    Professional Office Painting in Otley


    Here at Halls Decorators, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality office painting services in Otley and surrounding areas. Over time due to the level of footfall and activity within them, the décor in offices can become worn and tired looking. Your office must be a welcoming and attractive space for staff and visitors alike.

    One way to ensure your office space remains looking professional and pristine is to employ the services of professional painters and decorators. Our team have all the skills and knowledge required to bring any office space to life. We will work with you to ensure you get the look and feel you require for your workspace. If you would like to find out more about our office painting in Otley call our friendly team without delay.

    Steel Painting Services in Otley


    If you are looking for steel painting services in Otley and surrounding areas we are here for you. We have specialist paints and coatings that enable us to give your steelwork a durable yet impressive finish. We are able to paint your steelwork by using brushes, rollers of if appropriate we may be able to spray it. All these techniques will ensure that your steelwork ends up with a smart professional finish.

    Fire Protection Painting in Otley


    Within any industrial and commercial environment, there is a requirement to adhere to health and safety regulations. One of the most important ones is to ensure your property is well protected against fire. Here at Halls Decorators, we are able to supply clients with the latest fire retardant paints and coatings. Our fire-resistant coatings can be applied to a range of surfaces including wood and steelwork. The degrees of protection available are rated at 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes of fire protection.

    Here are some of the services we can offer in fire protection:

    • Passive fire protection – Which is integral component of fire safety.
    • Site inspection – Completing professional checks to make sure the place of work is safe and suitable.
    • Spray applied coatings – Applied by a brush, roller of spray and up to 120 minutes protection can be achieved from applying this paint system.

    Factory and Warehouse Painting in Otley


    Here at Halls our factory and warehouse painting in Otley is something we are immensely proud of. By using flexible working solutions we can complete your project within the allotted timescale and with minimal disruption to normal working practices.

    The type of work we undertake can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. We can provide painting and decorating for everything from small individual units right through to large distribution centres and factories. We are also able to help landlords and property management companies with the end of tenancy contract painting.

    We are proud to be able to offer the following services:

    • Spraying – Painting on walls and ceilings, normally in emulsion paint.
    • Steelwork – Painting steelwork products using rollers or brushes.
    • Floor Painting – Painting of new floors or existing ones.
    • Exterior Painting – Depending on client requirements, using cladding paint or eggshells.

    Painting Services in Otley for Leisure Buildings


    Hotel Painting Services in Sheffield

    Here at Halls Decorators, we can deliver professional hotel painting and decorating services in Otley. The importance of appearance cannot be discounted when it comes to hotels as it is that what initially catches the eye of prospective customers. Positive recommendations and online reviews can have a huge impact on any hotel. Keeping a hotel well maintained both inside and out can make a massive difference when it comes to customer satisfaction. To ensure your property is always pristine make sure you employ the services of a professional commercial painting and decorating company in Otley.

    Pub Painters and Decorators in Otley

    Are you looking to refresh or renovate a pub or bar? If so we are here for you. Our professional painters and decorators in Otley have many years’ experience when it comes to redecorating pubs and bars. The need to present a smart, clean attractive environment is imperative, even more so if your venue serves food. If your bar gives the appearance of being uncared for it is likely to deter potential customers. However, by having your premises professionally painted and decorated you are likely to attract new customers and increase turnover.

    Restaurant and Café Painting and Decorating in Otley

    Along with our other services we also have many years experience in the painting and decorating of restaurants and cafes in Otley. Décor in restaurants and cafes tends to suffer deterioration due to the exacting nature of the business. Issues like the build-up of grease and fats often make walls and roofs look dirty ad unkempt.

    As they are subject to regular hygiene reviews it is vital that cafes and restaurants maintain a high level of cleanliness. By displaying a fresh clean interior can help a restaurant attract customers as well as staying on the right side of local health inspectors.

    Sports Centre Painting in Otley

    Here at Halls Decorators, we pride ourselves on the quality service we provide for painting and decorating Sports Centres in Otley. Sports centres must offer patrons a clean well-marked area in which to work out. Our professional time served team are fully aware of the skills and materials required to deliver quality sports centre painting and decorating. If you have any specific requests for our team or are looking for a bespoke service get in touch today.

    Painting Services in Otley for Retail Outlets


    Shopping Centres Painting and Decorating in Otley

    Here at Halls Decorators, we have a large team who are fully conversant with the techniques required when painting and decorating large areas. This includes the painting and decorating of shopping centres in Otley. These types of projects are often completed outside normal working hours to ensure there is no disruption for shops and outlets within it. Here at Halls, we have the expertise and flexible working solutions that enable us to complete any project in the allotted time, budget and to an extremely high standard.

    Shop Painters and Decorators in Otley

    The painting and decorating of shops in Otley is something we have specialised in for many years now. The success of a retail outlet can often be reliant on the image it portrays, and the décor of both the interior and exterior of any shop plays a vital part in that. Here at Halls, we are able to paint and decorate shops to any specifications. Whether you want your shop front to stand out from the competition or the inside to be a warm inviting space we can help.

    Private & Government Healthcare Painting and Decorating in Otley


    Hospital Painting & Decorating in Otley

    One of the most important requirements of hospital painting and decorating in Otley is that it does not impact adversely on patient care. Here at Halls, we have the skills and experience to undertake the painting and decorating of both private and NHS funded hospitals and clinics. By providing a clean and welcoming space our professional painters and decorators can enhance both the patient experience and significantly reduce the possibility of infection.

    GP’s & Doctors Surgeries Painting & Decorating in Otley

    Halls Decorators offer professional painting services to doctors’ practices in Otley and the surrounding areas. We understand how important appearance is when it comes to healthcare properties, and how important it is to maintain clean, healthy living spaces. A clean, fresh interior can promote this ethos through professional painting and decorating. If you are interested in finding out more about doctors surgeries painting and decorating in Otley, please contact us.

    Schools, Colleges & Nursery School Decorators in Otley


    Specialist Contract Painting for Schools, Colleges, Universities & all Types of Educational Establishment

    Here at Halls Decorators we are proud to be able to offer a complete range of painting and decorating solutions to educational establishments in Otley. To comply with government legislation all our staff are DBS checked meaning you can rest assured that your establishment will remain safe and secure during the entirety of any project.

    Our services include:

    • Classroom painting & decorating
    • Windows, doors, walls & ceilings
    • Stairs, corridors & hallways
    • Sports halls, changing rooms & toilets
    • Staff rooms, reception area & offices
    • Car Park line marking, including spaces
    • School entrances
    • Gates & railings

    Why choose Halls?

    • Dedicated DBS approved team of specialist trade contractors
    • Professional job done within budget and on time
    • Proven track record
    • Meeting all tight time schedules
    • Minimal disruption, including out of hours working
    • Cordoning off work areas ensuring safe working areas

    For Specialist Commercial Painters & Decorators in Otley, Call Halls Today!

    We offer a comprehensive range of painting and decorating services for the industrial and commercial sectors in Otley. Our Otley painting and decorating professionals are skilled, experienced, and ready to update any type of commercial or industrial space. We provide a professional, affordable painting and decorating service to businesses and industries in Otley.

    You can contact us directly by calling us on 0800 567 7959. Alternatively, please feel free to complete the online contact form and a member of our team will be in touch to assist you with your enquiry.

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