Why cheapest isn’t always the best approach


With all my blogs I try to give an honest and practical guide to issues. I will try to explain why sometimes, its not always the price that should be the defining factor in your decision. This is mainly aimed at commercial and industrial customers.

We carry out many quotations, all varying in size and description. Some we win, some we lose. As a general rule, the majority of quotations are decided on cost, however recently we have won a few projects even though we weren’t the lowest. There was a reason for this which hopefully I will discuss below.

When you receive a quotation, I feel that there are a number of issues that must first be considered before entering into an agreement with a painting contractor to do the works. After all, you want to get it right first time and not have to worry about it for years to come.



Although you may have received a low quotation, it does not mean that they are the right partner for you. They may not have the number of operatives to carry out the works by your specified deadline. Many painting contractors work for builders and cannot control their workload so in busy times like school holidays, just make sure they have enough operatives to complete the works to the standards you want. We do not have this problem but if we can’t do something, we would tell you.




Does the contractor that you want to work with have the experience to carry out the works in question. A decorator of 30 years may have experience in working on new build houses but do they have experience working off a hydraulic lift 60 foot in the air or in a factory spraying walls. Always make sure you ask for references so that you can employ someone competent for the role. In addition, make sure they have the correct licences for the works, ie IPAF (hydraulic lift) or PASMA (scaffolding). There isn’t much that Adrian hasn’t done in his varied decorating life. He has told me many tales about going through cow fields with his ladder when painting pylons




All contractors whether they employone person or forty should hold the appropriate levels of insurance so make sure you ask for a copy along with their accreditations. You need to make sure they have a waste carriers licence as they may want to leave the waste at your premises.You need to make sure as the client that you are adhering to the CDM Regulation as fines may follow if not. If successful, we could help you with this.



Level playing field

If the lowest quote is considerably lower than all the others, there is often a reason why and you as the customer are entitled to ask questions. There are a few contractors out there that deliberately miss something off and will charge you as an extra.It may though be that they have genuinely missed something. Make sure everyone has priced for the same works using the same specification. We don’t mind any potential customer calling us or arranging a meeting prior to any order as its better to iron out issues before than disagreeing after starting.

Always be vigilant and ask questions.

These are only my opinions based on previous experiences.



Why cheapest isn't always the best approach

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