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We have been providing high-quality commercial and industrial painting services in Littleborough ever since our company was founded 35 years ago. At Halls, we employ only the highest calibre paints and coverings to ensure that our customers receive a finish that is unmatched. Small retail spaces, to expansive corporate buildings can all benefit from the extensive commercial and industrial painting services we offer.

The following are just a few of the many business and industrial painting services in Littleborough we regularly provide for our clients :

  • Warehouse Painting
  • Steel and Cladding Painting 
  • Industrial Floor Painting 
  • Fire Protection Painting

Our skilled industrial painters in Littleborough can give the interior or exterior of your property a smart but long-lasting finish. Our ability to customise our painting and decorating services allows us to meet each client’s unique needs. Regardless of whether you want to update the warning signs in your warehouse or redesign the exterior of your business, we are here to help. Call us right away to find out how our selection of industrial and commercial painting services in Littleborough can benefit your business. 

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    Commercial Painters and Decorators Littleborough 

    We can assist if you want to update the interior or exterior of your commercial space. Our skilled commercial decorators in Littleborough are experts in anything from quick touch-ups to extensive renovations. Our team has successfully renovated a variety of commercial properties, including stores, bars, restaurants, and offices.

    Regardless of how big or small your property is, we dedicate ourselves to completing the work on schedule and to budget. To ensure that our customers receive the finish they deserve, we only use the highest quality paints and coverings. We have successfully undertaken projects in all commercial sectors, including healthcare, leisure, and the public sector, since our company was founded 35 years ago.

    Just some of the industrial and commercial properties that we have worked on include:

    Industrial Painting and Decorating in Littleborough 

    We at Halls Decorators take great pride in offering a full selection of commercial painting and decorating services in Littleborough. Holroyds PTG group, for whom we just successfully finished a project, is one of our many industrial clients. This is the ideal case study because it shows the range of tasks we are capable of undertaking. Initially, we had to work at heights   to completely clean down all the cranes.

    After that, we completely redecorated the office to match the colour schemes already in use by the organisation. Everything was finished on schedule and for the price agreed upon. We have also finished a number of other productive projects for customers from a variety of industrial sectors, such as Halifax Thespians and Leeds and Bradford Airport.

    Industrial Paint Spraying in Littleborough

    We offer industrial paint spraying that may be customised for use on a variety of different surfaces.  At Halls, we have our own airless spraying equipment, so we can provide everything from factories to warehouses with clean, long-lasting finishes. Industrial work areas are vulnerable to dirt and damage due to constant traffic and heavy machinery use. To guarantee you receive a finish most suited to your workstation, we employ the highest quality, most durable materials. To ensure we can meet all the specific needs of our clients  we provide a variety of industrial paint spraying services, such as:

    • Floor paint spraying – On all types of industrial and warehouse floors.
    • Paint spraying – By using emulsion paint on block walls and cladding.
    • Steelwork spraying – For any type of steel such as equipment and machinery that needs painting.
    • Woodwork – Whatever type of wood needs spraying, Halls are your point of call.

    Industrial Paintwork in Littleborough 

    Our team at Halls has the expertise and market knowledge necessary to successfully complete projects on a variety of industrial sites. We are dedicated to workplace health and safety, as evidenced by the fact that we possess certifications from organisations like CSCS and IPAF. Among the many options provided by our industrial painters in Littleborough are the following:

    • Steelworks – We can polish your steelwork and paint any steel required.
    • Cladding – Whatever your specification, we can give you the best service.
    • Flooring – Consisting of health and safety products and highly sustainable flooring.

    Commercial Decorators

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    Industrial & Commercial Painters in Littleborough
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    Decorating Services in Littleborough
    Decorating Services Littleborough

    Industrial Floor Painting Littleborough 

    You might choose to paint the floor in an industrial workspace for a number of reasons. One is to make sure it has a non-slip surface, and another might be to draw attention to dangerous or restricted locations. All floor markings must comply with health and safety regulations, which mandate that they be both clear and concise. We offer a variety of industrial floor painting services in Littleborough such as :

    • Anti-slip floors –In need of a safety first solution? If so our floor painting can provide a surface that will help avoid accidents you may be liable for, such as slips and falls.
    • Polyurethane floor coatings – We are able to create a coating for your floor that is both flexible and resistant to chemical reactions and UV.
    • Decorative finishes – Our range of quality floor paints are designed to give your industrial space a finish that is both practical and easy on the eye.
    • Epoxy floor coatings – Our epoxy floor coatings are able to withstand heavy loads and provide you with a limited maintenance and sustainable finish.

    Commercial Painting and Decorating Services in Littleborough

    Commercial clients are already aware of the aesthetic they want for their buildings. The task of our commercial painters and decorators in Littleborough is to make that vision a reality. No matter if you want to simply update the paint job, or completely renovate the entire space, we can help. All types of business facilities, including sports arenas, shopping centres, wine bars, hospitals, and public buildings, have been transformed by our expert commercial painters and decorators in Littleborough.

    The following are just a few of the many commercial painting and decorating services we provide in Littleborough :

    • Commercial Wallpaper Services – This type of service consists of wall lining, wallpaper removal, installation, and treatments.
    • Commercial Painting Repairs – Commercial painting repairs include pre-painting preparation surface work, allowing us to deliver the perfect finish to masonry, plaster, and woodwork.
    • Specialist Coatings –This is aimed at extending the life of your finish, meaning you are not having to constantly update it. If you are looking for a unique and long-lasting coating for any type of surface we can help.


    Professional office Painting Services in Littleborough

    Our team at Halls Decorators are able to provide amazing office painting solutions in Littleborough because of our expertise and cutting-edge tools. An office space might tend to look drab and uninviting if it is not routinely updated or maintained. It has been proved that having a smart and appealing workplace benefits both clients and staff. As a result, it’s crucial that your workplace is a well-lit, tidy, and organised space.

    Our knowledgeable team can offer advice if you’re unsure of what type of appearance or colour scheme would work best in your office. Our skilled business painters in Littleborough  are pleased to provide guidance on the best colour schemes and paint types to bring life to your working environment. Contact our helpful team as soon as possible to learn more about the office painting services in Littleborough that are available to you.

    Steel Painting Services Littleborough 

    You can contact us at Halls Decorators for assistance if you require expert steel painting services in Littleborough. We can give the steelwork on your premises a stylish, long-lasting finish by utilising the best supplies, paints, and tools. Our goal is to give consumers a stylish, long-lasting finish for their steelwork. By doing this, you can continue to be sure that you won’t need to regularly repaint surfaces and pay more money.

    Fire Protection Painting in Littleborough 

    Regulations governing health and safety at work must be followed in both industrial and commercial settings. Our team at Halls Industrial Painting Contractors in Littleborough are able to cover your surfaces with specialised fire-resistant coatings that are intended to help safeguard your property against fire. Steel and wood are only two examples of surfaces that can be painted with fire retardant paints. Effective up to 30, 60, 90, and 120 degrees, we provide fire retardant materials that protect you, irrespective of the temperature. 

    Among our fire prevention painting solutions are the following:

    • Passive fire protection – This is an integral component of fire safety.
    • Site inspection – Completing professional checks to make sure the place of work is safe and suitable.
    • Spray applied coatings – Applied with a brush, roller or spray and up to 120 minutes protection can be achieved from applying this paint system.

    Factory and Warehouse Painting in Littleborough 

    Painting factories and warehouses is one of the specialities of our expert team of industrial painters in Littleborough. We are able to successfully finish projects while minimising disruption to your regular working schedules by utilising flexible working alternatives. With the help of flexible working, our team can effectively complete your project to not only our normal high standards, but also on schedule and under budget.

    All the diverse needs you might have are covered by our factory and warehouse painting services in Littleborough, including:

    • Spraying – Painting on walls and ceilings, normally in emulsion paint.
    • Steelwork – Painting steelwork products using rollers or brushes.
    • Floor painting – Painting of new floors or existing ones.
    • Exterior Painting – Depending on client requirements, this uses cladding paint or eggshells.

    Painting Services in Littleborough for Leisure Buildings 

    Hotel Painters and Decorators in Littleborough 

    If you already manage a hotel, you are probably well aware of the importance of offering guests a stylish, appealing, and welcoming environment. Keeping all furnishings and paintwork in good condition and updating it as needed is the perfect way to do this. Our expert team have been painting and decorating hotels in Littleborough for over 35 years. Your hotel will undoubtedly stand out from the competition with the help of our wide-ranging colour and design options, and top-notch workmanship

    Pub Painters and Decorators in Littleborough 

     Are you looking to bring your pub up to date with a fresh new look? If so we are here for you.  Our experienced commercial painters and decorators are professionally qualified and have brought many bars back to life over the years. It’s crucial that visitors are greeted by a clean, well-kept environment when they visit establishments that serve food and beverages. Potential customers may be turned off by your pub’s worn-out appearance. Alternatively, your business is more likely to draw in new consumers if it has been properly painted and decorated. Please get in touch with us to learn more about our Littleborough pub painters and decorators.

    Restaurant and Café Painting in Littleborough 

    Halls Decorators has been providing expert restaurant and café painting in Littleborough for more than 35 years. Due to the constant influx of patrons they receive, and the impact cooking has on the workspace, restaurants and cafés require ongoing upkeep and cleaning.

    Our extensive painting services for restaurants and cafés will begin with careful planning and preparation. All surfaces need to be cleaned, and any damage has to be repaired. After this is finished, your café or restaurant will be redecorated utilising the best materials to achieve the finish you want. It is crucial that restaurants and cafés are always kept clean and well-maintained because the role that hygiene ratings play in attracting customers cannot be overstated.

    Sports Centre Painting in Littleborough 

    As the use of gyms and other facilities designed to promote fitness has increased in popularity so have the expectations of a new generation of consumers. People are no longer willing to work out in cramped, dimly illuminated spaces. Sports facilities are required to offer areas that are tidy, dry, and clearly marked for individuals to use during their downtime. The skilled staff at Halls have years of expertise in painting and decorating sports facilities. Whether you need fresh lines painted on your car park or tennis courts, new paint for your locker rooms, or both, we can help.

    Painting Services in Littleborough for Retail Outlets

    Shopping Centre Painting and Redecorating in Littleborough 

    Our expert commercial painters and decorators in Littleborough have the knowledge, expertise and experience to handle projects of all shapes and sizes. The most crucial step in the process of redecorating a huge space, like a shopping complex is planning. This is due to the need to finish the work without interfering with the efficient operation of the shopping centre.

    It is always more convenient to undertake any redecoration when there are no consumers around to not interfere with day-to-day operations. At Halls Decorators, we’re able to accomplish that thanks to our adaptable work schedules. Our staff will arrange their schedules, so work can be carried out at quiet times or when the centre is not open to the public. This makes it possible for us to finish the job swiftly, safely, and within budget.

    Shop Painting & Decorating in Littleborough 

    When it comes to shop painting and decorating in Littleborough, our staff have many years of experience. Our commercial decorators in Littleborough have successfully refurbished every imaginable form of retail outlet, from little corner shops to supermarkets. Shop owners frequently postpone renovating because they are concerned about having to shift stock to new storage locations. We have the facility to keep your stock safe as part of our comprehensive shop painting and decoration solutions. Because of this, you can be sure that your stock will be secure throughout any work. Therefore, we can assist you whether you’re looking to give your shop a classy new interior, or an eye-catching design for the exterior.

    Private & Government Healthcare Painting & Decorating in Littleborough 

    Hospital Painting & Decorating in Littleborough 

    Any hospital’s painting and decorating projects must be completed without compromising patient care. With the staff, materials, and time at our disposal, we are able to offer hospitals professional, cost-effective, and discreet painting and decorating services in Littleborough. Our goal is to provide patients with a comfortable and appealing environment that makes any trip to the hospital less intimidating.

    GP’s & Doctors Surgeries Painting & Decorating in Littleborough 

    It is crucial that medical offices and health facilities give patients a clean, germ-free environment, especially in the current climate. Regularly updating both the consulting rooms and the waiting spaces for patients is one way to achieve this. Utilising the finest paints available, our skilled commercial decorators in Littleborough can offer you a variety of suitable finishes. So get in touch with us right away if you’re a medical professional seeking a dependable commercial painting and decorating business to give your surgery or clinic a facelift.

    Schools, Colleges, Nursery and University Painting and Decorating in Littleborough 

    Any contractors hired to work in educational institutions must have undergone specific checks in accordance with current government legislation. All of our time served team members have DBS accreditation, making them fully qualified to work in schools and colleges. It is crucial to provide students with a setting that is favourable to studying, whether you run a university or a nursery where young children are starting their education. The use of particular colour schemes and styles of décor can help achieve this. At Halls Decorators we are aware of the wide range of work that might be expected in any educational setting. As a result, we are able to offer a broad range of services, such as:

    • Classroom painting and decoration
    • Windows, walls and ceilings
    • Stairs, corridors and hallways
    • Sports halls, changing rooms and toilets
    • Staff rooms, reception areas and offices
    • Car Park line marking, including spaces
    • School Entrances
    • Gates and Railways

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    There are several reasons why hiring commercial and industrial painters and decorators will be advantageous for your company. Any industrial or commercial space can receive a fresh lease of life from our skilled commercial painters in Littleborough. Every project we take on will be finished according to your specifications, on schedule, and within your set budget. Therefore, give us a call right away if you’re seeking for skilled and reasonably priced commercial and industrial painting and decorating in Littleborough.

    You can contact us directly by calling us on 0800 567 7959. Alternatively, please feel free to complete the online contact form and a member of our team will be in touch to assist you with your enquiry.

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