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Industrial & Commercial Painters and Decorators Dewsbury

Professional Industrial & Commercial Painters and Decorators in Dewsbury UK

Looking for painters and decorators in Dewsbury? Look no further. Here at Halls Decorating & Painting Contractors Ltd, we are able to provide comprehensive decorating services for any industrial space – no matter how big or small. Our experienced team specialise in delivering high-quality decorating service for all commercial, industrial and retail spaces to meet your needs and requirements.

Our industrial painters and decorators in Dewsbury will be able to complete any job, in record time! We do this by making the planning stage a priority in order to complete the job on time, on budget and to an extremely high standard.

We can also work around you and your schedule. That means we will cause as little disruption to your working life as possible allowing you to stay focused on whatever you have going on.

The Benefits of Professional Industrial Painters in Dewsbury

Do you find it difficult to keep your industrial space looking clean and professional? Is your space occupied with heavy machinery which cannot be easily moved?

Don’t waste your valuable working hours taking on such a project yourself – your time can easily be put to better use. Leave the dirty work for us! 

– Notice the difference! You’d be amazed at how much of a difference a premium paint job can really do.

– Turn dark, dingy and dirty industrial spaces into welcoming, open and clean interiors.

– Bring back life to your office or factory.

No matter what the project is – our professional painters and decorators in Dewsbury can deliver.

Commercial Painters & Decorators in Dewsbury

Here at Halls Decorating, we can paint and decorate anything and everything, including:

  • Factories
  • Offices
  • Airports
  • Prisons
  • Canteens
  • Communal Areas

  • Exterior Walls
  • Interior Walls
  • Libraries
  • Mills and Power Stations
  • Distribution Centres and Storehouses
  • And more!

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    Painters & Decorators Dewsbury
    Industrial Painters & Decorators Dewsbury

    Painting Industrial Factory Floors in Dewsbury and Across the West Yorkshire

    Industrial floor paint has many benefits including keeping the building looking as clean as possible and helping separate different areas of a wide, open space. 

    To give one example; effective use of floor paint can indicate the minimum distance for the expert to stand whilst operating certain machinery which is essential for meeting the Health & Safety regulations in manufacturing and many other industries.

    Our industrial floor painting service in Dewsbury can include a full range of treatments, including:

      • Epoxy Floor Coatings
      • Industrial Flooring (with Decorative Finishes)
      • Anti-Slip Floors
      • Anti-Static Floors
      • Polyurethane Coatings
      • Quick Dry Systems
      • Lining / Crosshatching
      • Safety Marking and Stencilling

     Comprehensive Industrial Painters in Dewsbury

    Our team of professional painters in Dewsbury specialise in the delivery of heavy-duty coatings to suit their environment. This can be applied to all kinds of surfaces in a quick and efficient manner. Our hours can be flexible to ensure we aren’t in your employees’ way. 

    Factories and industrial businesses can be dangerous so it isn’t just a matter of convenience – it’s a matter of safety!

    Our professional team at Halls Decorating & Painting Contractors Ltd can provide a completely comprehensive service to overhaul your industrial space. Our services including paints, treatments and decoration can practically improve the durability and safety to your entire property.

    Halls Decorating & Painting Contractors Ltd in Dewsbury can also provide:

    • Steel Works (high-performing steel paint and steel cleaning services)
    • Cladding
    • Fire Protection (walls and floors more resilient in the event of fire outbreak)
    • Complete Paint Spraying Services (create a uniform appearance across your entire site)

    Professional Office Painting Services in Dewsbury

    Your office appearance can tell your customers a lot about your company and how it operates. Our office painting services in Dewsbury will make an impact on your companies’ impression to both customers and clients – leaving your office fresh and clean!

    Our team of highly skilled decorators at Halls Decorating & Painting Contractors Ltd can help you achieve your dream office space.

    Painting Services for Leisure Buildings in Dewsbury

    Hotel Painting Services

    Customers will judge your business not only by the services you provide but also by the appearance of your property. First impressions are key – customers or potential customers will immediately make a decision whether or not they would like to stay at your hotel or if they would recommend you to a friend.

    Hotel owners are responsible for hiring a professional service who will ensure that their property has a prestigious look and feel from both outside and inside of the property.

    Pub Painters & Decorators

    Do you need a painting and decorating service in Dewsbury? Do you want to revive your pub into its former glory?

    At Halls Decorating & Painting Contractors LTD, we understand the importance of offering your customers a clean and spacious venue. Studies have proven that when customers feel comfortable within a public space or building, they’re likely to stick around for longer & visit more frequently. This means that your pub will become the go-to place for socialising and drinking which means more revenue for your business! And of course, it can attract new customers by word of mouth if the impression of your property is excellent.

    Restaurant & Cafe Painting & Decorating

    Maintaining high standards of a restaurant is most likely the biggest challenge in the industry – cleaning and keeping your restaurant fresh should be a top priority.

    Here at Halls Decorating & Painting Contractors Ltd, we are highly skilled in decorating and painting restaurants and can ensure that your property is in tip top condition enabling your customers to feel comfortable, safe and welcome!

    We can remove high volumes of grease and fatty deposits and fill in any gaps and holes between surfaces and walls where bacteria can gather before any painting is undertaken.

    Our services will give your property a prestigious look and feel, enticing more customers in your business allowing you to drive more revenue.

    Sports Centre Painting

    We at Halls Decorating & Painting Contractors Ltd, offer a fantastic range of services to sport centres in Dewsbury. We understand the importance of offering your customers a clean space to exercise and play sports.

    All of our painters and decorators in Dewsbury are highly skilled and qualified in the arts of painting and decorating and are ready to give your Sports Centre the makeover it deserves!

    Painting Services for Retail Properties in Dewsbury

    Shopping Centres Painting & Decorating

    There is a large amount of work required for shopping centres when it comes to painting and decorating. They require professional planning so that the job undertaken is at high standard and within the health and safety regulations.

    Are you looking to improve the standard and appearance of your shopping centre? Look no further! Our team is on standby today.

    Shop Painters & Decorating

    Shops come in different shapes and sizes. Painting and decorating them can be a daunting task due to the removal of products and shelving.

    The team at Halls Decorating & Painting Contractors Ltd provide an outstanding service for small, medium and large shops in Dewsbury. Are you ready to give your shop a clean and fresh appearance and entice more customers?

    Private & Government Healthcare Painting & Decorating

    Hospital Painting & Decorating

    Our team of experts are capable of renovating large complexes in short timescales. We know the importance of fast turnaround without comprising the finish. We are also aware of the importance of a discreet service within a hospital environment – we will provide a service without affecting the patients in the surrounding rooms.

    GP’s & Doctor Surgery Room Painting & Decorating

    Offer a clean and welcoming environment for your patients by hiring Halls Decorators! We provide painting and decorating services to GP’s and Doctor Surgery rooms in Dewsbury. 

    We understand the importance of your clinic’s appearance. We can offer streamlined service to ensure your healthcare space is fully painted before the next working day. This means 0 interruptions to your patients and staff!

    Choose Halls Decorators for Commercial & Industrial Painters

    We work with a strong emphasis on our safety and yours. Some of the most difficult safety standards in the country have been achieved by our team including; CSCS, IPAF, PASMA, SSTS certificates as well as CHAS accreditation.

    We can deliver an unbeatable service to bring your industrial workplace back to life with a clean layer of paint and effective safety treatments.

    Whether you’re looking to refresh your health and safety markings or completely update a large area – we are here for you!

    You can reach Halls Painters and Decorators directly by calling us on 0800 567 7959. Alternatively, you can use our handy contact form below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


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