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It is important that your nursery or childcare space is kept looking clean, non-scary and as fun as possible. If the children have never left their parents before, or if they’ve feeling nervous, then a nursery can be a really intimidating place. Thanks to professional nurseries painters and decorators, you’ll be able to create a warm and welcoming interior design to help children and parents feel comfortable in their space.

Whatever kind of nursery design you’re looking to create, the Halls Decorators team are here to help. We can help you to make the most out of your available space and develop an atmosphere which provides a range of benefits to your students. Creating a welcoming, bright and colourful space is a great way to make your students feel more comfortable in your nursery.

Experienced Nurseries Painters and Decorators

Here at Halls Decorators, our experienced team have worked to improve the quality of nurseries up and down the country. Developing the right kind of atmosphere is an essential part of your nursery. Low-quality painting and decorating projects can deter parents from bringing their children to your nursery and, in many cases, stop your students from feeling comfortable and safe.

It is important that you create a nursery which has a range of different features to allow your students to enjoy their time in the nursery. A fun and exciting play area is an important part of keeping the children stimulated. You also need to provide calm, quiet areas to allow children to rest and recover throughout the day.

Create the Perfect Nursery for Your Students

Nurseries and pre-schools are supposed to be stimulating places which encourage children to play, talk and engage with teachers and other children. The space’s design is an important part of this. If your nursery isn’t designed with the children in mind, it can quickly become an impractical space.

There are many different areas which you need to include in an effective nursery design. Thanks to nurseries painters and decorators, you’ll be able to introduce unique spaces into your design. This can be done with different paints, surfaces and complete colour schemes. You can also change the mood of certain areas by taking advantage of natural light.

Some of the areas that you might want to include in your nursery or pre-school design could be:

  • Play Areas.
  • Napping Areas.
  • A Library.
  • Child-Proof Storage Space.
  • Child-Proof Kitchenette.

Take Advantage of a Flexible Design

An essential part of a nursery or pre-school classroom is its flexibility. Different children will interact with these learning and day care spaces in different ways. Sometimes, what worked for one group of children will not work for another. Creating an open plan space can be a great way of introducing different features and creating unique areas throughout your nursery or pre-school classroom.

Some of the things to look out for in your nursery design can include:

  • Children Running Everywhere – If the children are choosing to run throughout your nursery or classroom, then you need to do something to prevent it. You can break up open spaces with tables, for example.
  • Playing in Library or Quiet Spaces – If you find that your students are playing in quiet zones or in your library, this is a problem with design. You need to use the design space of these areas to suit their purposes. By using darker, calmer colours in your nursery design for these areas, you’ll be able to clearly mark which spaces are for playtime and which are for reading or sleeping.

If you notice the unique areas of your nursery being used for the wrong purposes, then you need to get in touch with a professional team of painters and decorators. They’ll be able to help you make the most out of your available space.

Bright and Stimulating Areas for Nursery and Pre-School Play Areas

One of the most important features of your play area is its design. By using bright and stimulating colours, such as pinks, reds and oranges, you can encourage the children to really enjoy themselves. It can also be a good idea to include a range of stimulating patterns in your design.

Many nurseries choose to decorate their walls or surfaces with paintings or vinyl stickers of popular cartoon characters. With a professional team of painters and decorators, you’ll be able to create a stunning space to stimulate your students. This can be extremely important if you want your students to enjoy their time in your nursery.

For Experienced Nurseries Painters and Decorators, Get in Touch with Halls

Here at Halls Decorators, our team of painters and decorators have worked on a wide range of properties across the country. We have worked in a range of educational facilities across Manchester and Yorkshire, including nurseries and pre-schools.

If you’re looking for a team of nurseries painters and decorators with many years of industry experience, get in touch with the Halls team today. You can reach us directly by calling us on 0800 567 7959. You can also send us any questions or concerns you might have through our online contact form, and we’ll get back in touch as quickly as we can.

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